Hope Challenge

Hope Challenge Intro:

Hope challenge #1 : Equipping Families

While wearing mittens and using only a knife, we will attempt to bake something.Sometimes it is hard to do things if you don’t have the right tools…
At Kawartha Lakes Pregnancy Centre we believe in equipping families with the tools they need for whatever situation is before them.

Hope challenge #2:  Obstacles Overcome

Create an obstacle course.

Hope challenge #3:  Unexpected

2 pictures needed-one of you today and one of you as a young child.

Life changes us in ways that are unexpected, but we believe there is always hope!

Hope challenge #4: Ups and downs

Video or picture of doing push ups.

We meet so many individuals who push through the up and down moments of life and allow us to share with them that there is always hope.

Hope challenge #5: Trick Shot

Blindfolded, you will complete a trick shot which could be rolled up socks thrown into a garbage can or anything like that.

When life is complicated, completing our goals can feel like a shot in the dark.  It can be hard to see that there is always hope.

Hope challenge #6: Art of the Day

Create out of ripped tissue paper or any other material and create a picture/collage.

All of us have days when we feel damaged and torn, but at Kawartha Lakes Pregnancy Centre, we believe that the small torn pieces of dreams and hopes can be transformed into something beautiful.